Arief Yahya (left) and Arif Wibowo. (Photo: ITN)

Arief Yahya (left) and Arif Wibowo. (Photo: ITN)

Jakarta, (ITN – IndonesiaTouristNews): Tourism Minister Arief Yahya received the visit of Airfast Indonesia Airways President Director Arif Wibowo at the Ministry of Tourism office on February 5, 2018. The former President Director of Garuda Indonesia is now leading the Airfast, an airline that is developing seaplane business. Both discussed about the development of seaplane as a mode of transportation to Pulau Bawah (Bawah Island), located in Anambas Islands, next to Batam-Bintan islands. The business targets as stated are foreign tourists from America, Canada, and Hong Kong, those who are on transit in Singapore.

They reach some deals. Among other things is agreed that the Pulau Bawah Island is designated as a zoning of tourist areas, and the Ministry of Tourism will facilitate meetings with relevant regulators to facilitate the licensing of seaplane business activities.

Both also agreed to make a commitment to develop Nomadic Tourism in various remote destinations in Indonesia. Tourism Ministry is committed to support the branding of Wonderful Indonesia at Seletar airport which will be used exclusively for Private Jet from Singapore.

Arief Wibowo mentions as a benchmark that in Maldives alone there has been 200 seaplane operated, so, a lot of potential can be developed for seaplane line in Indonesia.

“We already have routes that are difficult to reach by bigger aircraft such as routes to Baubau-Wakatobi-Kendari (in Sulawesi) as well as in East Java like to Surabaya-Sumenep-Pagerungan Island.We will be happy if we can bring tourists to other beautiful islands (in Indonesia),” said Arief Wibowo.***