Pulo Cinta Eco Resort at Boalem, ,Gorontalo.(Photo:YD)

Pulo Cinta Eco Resort at Boalemo, Gorontalo.(Photo:YD)

Gorontalo, (ITN- IndonesiaTouristNews): “Pulo Cinta” Eco-resort was born from the dream and ideals of an Indonesian man about to build a resort on the sea like in Maldives and Bora-bora, Polynesia. On the way to materealize his dream, Tony Nugroho found a unique location in Tomini Bay, Gorontalo (it is located in north part of Sulawesi island). According to him, there is rarely a local government is willing to provide support like that done by the local government of Gorontalo when he just started investing.

Since January 31, 2015 he operated an eco-resort on a heart-shaped sandbar in the middle of the sea of Tomini Bay, off shore Gorontalo.

“We do not know that the tiny island (sandbar) is heart-shaped. We see the extent. Then it is seen on Google via satellite. Uh, the island really look heart-shaped. That’s rare. So we build the pier following the shape of the sand, the shape of the heart. Finally we lift this icon and call it Pulo Cinta (it means Love island). The original name of the island is Tanggulomato, meaning an eye fragment, ” said Tony Nugroho, Director and owner of Pulo Cinta Eco-resort.

One corner on Pulo Cinta Eco-resort is for sun bathing.(Photo:YD)

One corner on Pulo Cinta Eco-resort is for sun bathing.(Photo:YD)

Earlier Tony and his team conducted a 3 month survey in Boalemo District that has 23 islands. Finally he fell in love at first sight at Pulo Tanggulomato, a sandbar quite wide and not drowned despite rising tidal waters.

When starting to build the resort he was prepared to accept all the real conditions and constraints. There was no electricity and no fresh water. Pulo Cinta Eco-resort now uses 100% solar power to meet its electricity needs, whereas clean fresh water still sent from the mainland.

In waste management, especially waste of urine and feces, he uses environmentally friendly septic tank so that when discharged into the sea all will be in a clean state.

How to go there? Fly from Jakarta to Gorontalo, a few airlines serve the route every day.

How to go there? Fly from Jakarta to Gorontalo, a few airlines serve the route every day.

The resort building materials are taken from local wood raw materials that are numerous and easily found in the mainland of Sulawesi Island. Among them are coconut wood and mibong wood. The food menu is simple but uses fresh raw ingredients purchased at the local market in Boalemo. Fresh and freshly cooked local food ingredients are another new luxury here to be found by visitors..

Most of the staff at the resort are people from the coastal villages of Boalemo. At the beginning of operation there were only 7 employees, now 40 people are employed here.. With increasing foreign guests staying at Pulo Cinta, there are two foreigners at the managerial level helping to manage the resort.

Pulo Cinta Eco-resort offers a total of 17 rooms in 15 villas. A 2-bedroom villa, a 3-bedroom villa, a one-bedroom villa with two queen-size beds and 12 1-bedroom villas each with king-sized beds! The 2 and 3 bedroom villas are equipped with 2 and 3 bathrooms.

The entire villa building is made of wood and the doors that can be opened and closed according to the needs of guests. The air flows well so that the fan is enough to help the room cool. Each villa is also equipped with one TV unit and telephone.

At the beginning of operation, within a week only one villa was rented. “That alone makes us happy,” added Tony. Now the resort occupancy is on average reaching 60% in a year. On average in one day there are 10 to 11 villas rented.

Tony built Pulo Cinta Eco-resort for Indonesians to appreciate the rich nature of the country. Previously its guests are 80% of domestic tourists and 20% of foreign guests. Now it begins to change, 50% of local guests and 50% of foreign guests. Most foreign guests come from France and Germany.

The domestic guests stay in average between 3 days 2 nights to 4 days 3 nights. While foreign guests stay between 4 days 3 nights to 7 days 6 nights.***