itn-new-york-times-travel-show-29012018 Jakarta, (ITN – IndonesiaTouristNews): The Ministry of Tourism along with business people from Indonesia participated in the New York Times Travel Show (NYTTS) in New York, on January 26th – 28th, 2018. The event provided 560 booths for exhibitors from around the world, it recorded the number of visitors over 30 thousand from the professional and public society. “This is a strategic move to penetrate the American market. They should know the latest holiday destinations in Indonesia, “said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya.

“The American tourist is the top 10 Indonesian tourism market. The growth trend is positive in the last 5 years. Outbound tourists growth is high, so its potential is still very large to be attracted to visit  Indonesia. We are grateful that the promotion went smoothly and successfully, “said director for Marketing Development Regional IV at Tourism Ministry, Rizki Handayani.

It is explained through a press release that the Ministry’s delegation to the NYTTS has performed all out, through branding activities, advertising and selling. The first day they focuses on trade fair (B2B), the next two days are spent on consumer show event (B2C). Six of Indonesian business players of the tourism industry were brought there comprised of five Travel Agents / Tour Operators and hotelier from Bali and Jakarta, and 1 local TA / TO (New York).

“Bali remains our main selling product. In addition to this event we have also promoted 10 Priority Destinations through images and posters, “said Rizki.

Further Rizki Handayani said the market penetration of American tourists will continue to be done. The Ministry will also carry out other promotions to Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show (LATAS) that will be held on 24-25 February 2018.

“The mid-year holiday period in New York falls in June-July. Digital data shows that American travelers have started searching to choose the tourist destinations 5-6 months earlier. That is why we are intensively promoting at the beginning of the year, then we will focus on LATAS, “said Rizki Handayani.***